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Addition Maths Worksheets for Year 3 (age 7-8)

Developing quick mental methods of addition is the key to success in Year 3. By the end of the year children are expected to know addition facts to 20 and number pairs that make 100. Techniques for adding one-digit and two-digit numbers are practised as well as adding multiples of 100. Written methods of addition are used for the first time, beginning with ‘jottings’ and moving towards a standard written method.

Revise simple mental addition.

Revise and consolidate simple mental addition skills.

Adding multiples of ten and a hundred

Adding multiples of 10 and 100 mentally.

Mental addition skills

Developing a range of addition skills to enable fast calculating.

Bar modelling for addition

Using bar models to illustrate addition.

Master Mental Arithmetic

Develop addition skills to ensure fast, accurate calculating.

Written addition

Beginning to use the formal written method for addition.

Further addition skills

More mental addition skills and checking answers.

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