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Money: using pounds and pence. Finding change.

It’s always a good idea to have plenty of worksheets and activities to help children to work with money and we have just published another set of great pages on money, suitable for Year 3 children. To make these easier to find we have created a new category in the Year 3 section just for worksheets on money. These worksheets help the progression made in year 2 and the first sets of questions look at counting up in steps of 10p as well as adding 10p to amounts. This is quite easy when the hundreds boundary is not crossed, but children do find it harder to count on crossing over the hundreds. e.g. count on 10p from £1.95. There are similar sheets for subtracting 10p.
Another set of pages looks at ordering amounts of money, including where the amounts have been written as pounds or in pence. This is part of the very important process of being able to write pence as pounds and vice versa. It is essential to show that when writing money in pounds there should always be two digits after the decimal point e.g. 260p is £2.60, not £2.6.
Finding change from £2 can often be done by counting on and we have a great set of worksheets to help with this. It’s a good idea to encourage children to speak out loud when adding on. For example finding the change from £2 when spending 65p can be worked out by saying:
‘add 5 to make 70p, add 30 to make 100p and add another pound to make £2’. That’s one pound 35p.’

Finding total amounts of money using coins and notes

Finding the total amounts of a number of different coins. Counting on and back in steps of 10p.

Find combinations of coins

Find different combinations of coins to make amounts.

Writing money in pounds and pence

Using the decimal point correctly when writing money in pounds and pence. Ordering amounts shown in pounds or pence.

Addition and subtraction of money

Adding and subtracting amounts of money, including finding change.

Sharing money equally

Sharing amounts of money equally.

Money problems

Word problems using money.

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