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Maths Mastery Programme

The fundamental belief underlining the maths mastery approach is that every child can enjoy and succeed in maths if they are given the right learning opportunities.

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Maths mastery programmes are being introduced into many primary schools and the UK Government is actively encouraging the approach across the country.

We have selected sets of worksheets from our extensive range which are ideal for use with each block of a typical maths mastery programme.

Our resources have been designed to work alongside the mastery planning, providing extra resources and support. They are not a scheme of work in themselves. Each term is divided into blocks of work so that children concentrate on one block of content for a considerable length of time until a secure understanding has been achieved.


For a parent, we recommend doing the pages more or less in the order they appear, one page from each set. If this is completed well, with no problems, there is no reason to do more, unless of course your child really wants to.


Our programme has been designed to provide back-up materials for teachers to support the blocks of work. They are especially useful for children who need more time on particular concepts and are ideal for same day intervention.

If difficulties occur, we recommend trying at least one or two more out of the set, and there will be other similar sets that can also be used, taken from the main categories.

We cannot guarantee that the order we progress through the term will be the same as that of a particular school, but we are following similar blocks of work as used in many schools across the country.

Also, please note that these are support materials and cannot replace the work done in school through mastery programmes, mathshubs etc. For parents we feel one topic a day, for 5 days a week, is ample without overloading your child.

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