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This Month's Free Resources

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division all feature in this month's free resources as well as time and statistics.

Free: Reception Addition

Free resources to help with adding small numbers in later Reception.

Free: Year 1 Time

Comparing lengths of time and understanding before and after are all part of this set of free resources for Year 1.

Free: Year 2 Addition and Subtraction

Beginning to use the written methods of addition and subtraction, plus some tricky word problems are all included in this month's free resources for Year 2.

Free: Year 3 Multiplication and Division

Free resources on mental multiplication and division in Year 3.

Free: Year 4 Statistics

Interpreting tables, bar graphs and line graphs is this month's selection of resources for Year 4.

Free: Year 5 Factors and Prime Numbers

Factors and prime numbers are the topics for this month's free Year 5 resources.

Free: Year 6 Statistics

Free resources this month on finding the mean and mode as well as interpreting pie charts.

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