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This Month's Free Resources

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are all part of this month's free resources as well as further pages on number, measures and money.

Free: Reception Subtraction

Free practice sheets on subtracting small numbers.

Free: Year 1 Addition and Subtraction

A selection of free resources for Year 1 on addition and subtraction.

Free: Year 2 Money

Great free resources on money for Year 2.

Free: Year 3 Addition

Free Year 3 resources on using the formal written method of addition.

Free: Year 4 Measurement

Free resources on using and converting a variety of metric units.

Free: Year 5 Number

Free resources on using place value grids with large numbers and a look at negative numbers.

Free: Year 6 Multiplication and Division

Free practice sheets for the formal written methods of long multiplication and long division.

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