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Free Home Study Packs

This Month's Free Resources

Free resources for all year groups for January are now available. Addition and subtraction for most years but also number for Reception and Year 1 and percentages for Year 6.

We also have home study packs for Years 1 to 6 maths for you to use at home:

Free: Reception Number

Finding numbers smaller than and larger than, and ordering numbers are all part of this month's free resources for Reception.

Free: Year 1 Number and Place Value

Counting in twos and place value are the subjects for this month's free resources in Year 1.

Free: Year 2 Addition and Subtraction

Free resources concentrating on adding and subtracting multiples of 10.

Free: Year 3 Addition and Subtraction

Free addition and subtraction resources for Year 3, including bar modelling.

Free: Year 4 Addition and Subtraction

A free selection of addition and subtraction categories in Year 4.

Free: Year 5 Addition and Subtraction

A free selection of worksheets taken from our extensive collection of addition and subtraction in Year 5.

Free: Year 6 Percentages

Free resources on the tricky subject of percentages.

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