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This Month's Free Resources

October's free resources concentrate on addition and subtraction and the progress from Year 1 through to Year 6 can be clearly seen, as numbers increase in size. Also matching sets to numbers in Reception.

Free: Reception Matching sets to numbers

A selection of free resources to help with matching sets of objects to numbers.

Free: Year 1 Addition and Subtraction

Free resources to help with the early stages of addition and subtraction, including the use of number lines.

Free: Year 2 Addition and Subtraction

Free resources, including using bar models to help visualise the process of addition and subtraction.

Free: Year 3 Addition and Subtraction

Free addition and subtraction resources concentrating on working with 3-digit numbers.

Free: Year 4 Addition and Subtraction

Four great sets of mental arithmetic for addition and subtraction showing skills that need to be developed. All free.

Free: Year 5 Addition and Subtraction

Free pages to practise using known facts to mentally add and subtract larger numbers.

Free: Year 6 Addition and Subtraction

Free revision pages on adding and subtracting large numbers using the formal written method.

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