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This Month's Free Resources

Free resources for February range from counting in Year 1 to algebra in Year 6, with plenty of multiplication and division in between.

Free: Valentine's Day Maths

A selection of maths activities across the year groups, all with a Valentine's Day theme.

Free: Reception Counting

Free resources to help children count up to 10, including counting two sets of objects.

Free: Year 1 Fractions

Free resources on finding halves and quarters of shapes and small amounts.

Free: Year 2 Multiplication

Free resources for children to practise their knowledge of 2x, 5x and 10x tables.

Free: Year 3 Fractions

Finding fractions of shapes and numbers are our free resources for Year 3 this month.

Free: Year 4 Times Tables

Free pages to help with learning the 6x and 7x tables. Plenty more on the main site and don't forget the free MTC.

Free: Year 5 Multiplication and Division

Free worksheets on using the formal written methods of multiplication and division.

Free: Year 6 Algebra

A simple introduction to algebra is the topic for this month's free resources for Year 6.

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