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This Month's Free Resources

A great selection of free resources for December, including counting, money, time, length, decimals and shape.

Free: Christmas Resources

A selection of great resources across the year groups, all with a Christmas theme. Plenty more in our Further Resources: Special occasions category.

Free: Reception Counting

A free selection of resources to help with early counting.

Free: Year 1 Money

Free resources to help children become confident using small amounts of money.

Free: Year 2 Time

Months of the year, reading the time and time problems are free this week for Year 2.

Free: Year 3 Measuring Length

A free selection on the measurement of length.

Free: Year 4 Time

Free pages to help with understanding the 24 hour clock and converting between different units of time.

Free: Year 5 Decimals

Free resources to help understand decimals including ordering and partitioning decimals.

Free: Year 6 Geometry

Drawing shapes, reflecting and translating shapes and co-ordinates are all part of this week's Year 6 free resources.

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