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This Month's Free Resources

A complete cross section of topics this month across the year groups, including multiplication, fractions, time, shape and ratio.

Free: Reception Number

Plenty of free practice pages to help with understanding ordinal numbers.

Free: Year 1 Multiplication

Understanding multiplication as adding equal groups is important for Year 1 children to understand. Here are a selection of free resources to help with this.

Free: Year 2 Fractions

Free resources helping children to understand simple fractions, including halves, quarters and thirds.

Free: Year 3 Time

Free resources on aspects of time that can be missed including months and seasons.

Free: Year 4 Angle

Recognising types of angle is the theme for this month's Year 4 free resources.

Free: Year 5 Fractions

Often thought of as one of the harder aspects of maths, Here are a set of free fraction worksheets for Year 6, looking at improper fractions and mixed numbers, as well as adding and subtracting fractions.

Free: Year 6 Scale and Proportion/Ratio

Free resources to assist with understanding scale and proportion and ratio in Year 6.

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