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The Basics (Account Setup)

Registration is required in order to view and print URBrainy resources. Immediately after registration, you should receive a confirmation email that includes a link that you need to click on to confirm your identity.

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Getting Settled In (Features)

There are great worksheets and games available on URBrainy. We have organised them into categories for you so you can find what your looking for. If you know exactly what your looking for you can also search the URBrainy resources.

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Everything Else (Common Questions)

Wondering about something else? Send us an email at

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Getting started with URBrainy

I didn't get my confirmation email. What do I do now?

Firstly, check your spam folder, then make sure you registered with the correct email address. You can check your email address here

I registered with the wrong email address. Now what?

If you can log into your account you can change it in My Account, otherwise please sign up again with the correct email address.

I cant remember my password.

Firstly, don't panic. You can reset your password by entering your email address here.

I still cant login.

Send us an email so we can help:

Getting Settled In

Why are the worksheets in sets of four?

Most books just have a single page on a topic, which is not enough. A good knowledge of maths comes from structured practice and repetition. Once is not enough, your child may need or want to complete all four, but if they are completing the worksheets confidently and correctly it will not be necessary to complete all four, the decision can only be yours as you know your child.

How do you say URBrainy?

It is pronounced You Are Brainy and we believe that you will be after using our great resources!

Can I just give the worksheets to my child and let them get on with it?

No! Most of the explanations about what to do need to be read and it is important that you are there to help and encourage your child. A worksheet on its own is of limited use, the interaction between you and your child, with the worksheet as a focus, is the most important thing.

I want a worksheet/activity that you don't have, will you make it for me?

Maybe, if you have a valid subscription we do take on requests for resources. We do our best to fulfil them but we make no promises.

Everything Else

Is there a limit to the number of worksheets I can view and print?

During the trial period there is no limit to the number of worksheets you can view, however you will only be able to print as many worksheet sets as you have print credits. (Your credits are shown in the top of the menu on the left when you are logged in). If you subscribe to URBrainy there is no limit on the number of worksheets you can view however printing and download is subject to our 'fair use' policy. But don't worry, over 99% of our users will never be limited.

Is available offline?

Sorry this is not the case.

Do I need anything to view the worksheets?

The only requirement is that you have a PDF viewer. Most browsers have one built in but if not you can get Adobe Reader free here.

Do I need anything to view the games?

The only requirement is that you have the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player for the games. Don't worry, it's free and you can download it here.

I still cant login.

Send us an email so we can help: