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URBrainy Daily Challenge

A new, free resource for every day of the year.

Every day you can find a new set of 10 mental arithmetic questions. The questions cover a range of mental arithmetic based on the National Curriculum programmes of study and the typical topics that are taught during each term.

Please note that the questions remain the same for each 24 hours.

The Daily Challenge is a free resource: all you need is to register and log into the site; it doesn’t matter if your trial has expired.

The ‘Daily Challenge’ covers maths mental arithmetic skills for all primary schools. It provides a different daily set of ten mental arithmetic questions for every day of the week, which can be used on phones, iPads or computers. The answers can be inputted on the screen by individual children and a marked summary sheet is provided at the end of the ten questions. The questions can also be used by teachers on a whiteboard at the start of a maths lesson, for the whole class or group to answer on paper or aloud. The answers can then be shown for self marking. For each question there is also a valuable ‘Further Help’ link which will take you to an on-screen activity providing unlimited practice concentrating on the type of question shown. You will need to have a subscription to use these extra practice activities.

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