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Subtraction Maths Worksheets for Year 3 (age 7-8)

Mental and written subtraction worksheets.

There are plenty of skills children need to be taught in Year 3 to do with mental subtraction, including re-inforcing skills learned in Year 2. A  complete list should include:

•    subtracting by adjusting (e.g. taking 19 from a number by subtracting 20 and adding 1)
•    subtracting multiples of 10 from 3-digit numbers (e.g. 345 – 50 = )
•    subtracting single digits from 3-digit numbers (e.g. 345 – 8 = )
•    mentally subtracting any 2-digit numbers (e.g. 34 – 27)
•    subtracting multiples of 100 (e.g. 2300 – 400 =)
•    subtracting by counting on (e.g. work out 301 – 297 by counting on from 297)
•    understand subtraction as the inverse of addition and answers from a subtraction can be checked by adding.

With these skills it is surprising how little written subtraction needs to be used in the real world, as most calculations can be done mentally.

Don’t forget that as well as our Subtraction category there are also plenty of subtracting activities in our Reasoning/Problem Solving category, including some new ‘bar modelling’ pages.

Revise mental skills for subtraction

Revision of subtraction with smaller numbers.

More mental subtraction skills

Skills to improve mental arithmetic and using known facts to work out answers to harder questions.

Written methods of subtraction

Introducing written methods of subtraction leading on to using the formal written method with numbers up to 3 digits.

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