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Geometry (Shape)

Properties of 3-D and 2-D shapes, angle, symmetry and perpendicular and parallel lines.

More complex 2D and 3D shapes are introduced and classified according to their properties. Drawing and completing shapes with reflective symmetry is developed further. An important aspect of this year is to develop the vocabulary of position, direction and movement, using compass points and identifying right angles turns.

Two terms which used to be associated with older primary/secondary age groups are perpendicular and parallel.These are now introduced in Year 3 under the latest curriculum changes.

Lines: horizontal and vertical

Drawing and measuring straight lines and recognising horizontal and vertical. Symmetry.

3D shape

Recognise and describe 3D shapes.

2D shape

Recognise and describe 2D shapes.


Recognise and compare angles and angle as a measurement of turn.

Position and direction

Describe position and direction including clockwise and anti-clockwise turns.

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