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Year 3 Autumn Term: Block 2 Addition and Subtraction

Superb on-screen activities and worksheets for Year 3 Maths Mastery addition and subtraction.

The numbers to add and subtract get larger in Year 3, starting with adding whole hundreds. Mental strategies are still the best method when adding or subtracting ones or tens to/from hundreds as it is usually the quickest and most efficient method. Bar models can be very helpful with this.

The standard written method is consolidated, usually with easier numbers, but children will need to decide the best method to use when adding or subtracting.

Children should be encouraged to check their answers by using a different method so that any possible errors are not repeated; for example use subtraction to check the answer to an addition.

This is a 5 week block. As well as the resources in the Mastery category there are a great many more in our Year 3 Addition and Subtraction categories.

Maths Mastery: on-screen addition activities for iPad or PC

Year 3 addition on-screen activities for iPad or PC. Adding 3-digit numbers is a crucial part of Year 3 maths and our on-screen activities provide endless opportunities to consolidate classroom work. Bar models and base 10 blocks can help give children confidence. There are rewards for correct answers and detailed, marked answer sheets can be printed or saved to pdfs as an assessment tool.

Maths Mastery: on-screen subtraction activities for iPad or PC

Welcome to our on-screen Year 3 subtraction activities for iPad or PC which are an ideal accompaniment for the Maths Mastery programme.. Our on-screen activities can really help children to be able to mentally subtract quickly and accurately. Subtracting single digits from 3-digit numbers as well as taking multiples of 10 and 100 are all included with and without the aid of bar models. Don’t forget everything is marked for you in a printable page after each set of questions.

Maths Mastery worksheets: add and subtract numbers mentally

Add and subtract numbers mentally up to 3-digits.

Maths Mastery worksheets: written addition and subtraction

Use formal written methods to add and subtract numbers with up to three digits.

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