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Plenty of great pages to help with counting up to 20 and beyond.

In Year 1 children gain a great deal of confidence and enjoyment from counting. The latest Maths Programme of Study extends targets. By the end of the year they will be able to count, read and write numbers up to 20 and then count up to 100 forwards and backwards. 

They will be able to order small numbers and place numbers on a blank number line in the correct order.


They will also be able to say one more, or one less, than any given number up to 20 and even begin to count in tens.

A great start to a lifetime of enjoyment of maths!  The worksheets below will provide just the support needed to achieve this success.


Practice showing that the same collection of objects can be sorted in different ways and to come up with their own criteria for sorting objects into sets. More can be found in our Reasoning/Problem Solving category.

Counting objects and matching to numbers

Children in Year 1 will be taught to count reliably, firstly up to 10 objects and later extending this to 20. Recognising that the size of the set (how many) is given by the last number in the count. This also includes counting two sets of objects to reach a combined total (e.g. green and brown dinosaurs).

Counting on and back in ones

Counting on and back in ones, starting from different numbers below 10. Later this can be extended to counting in the teens, up to 20.

Number lines and tracks

Number lines and number tracks are a great way of helping children to count up to 20.

Estimating and rounding

Estimating the number of objects on a page or in a picture up to about 30.

Counting on and back in twos, threes, fives and tens.

Counting on in steps of more than one is a big challenge and needs plenty of practice. Begin with counting on in twos before moving on to fives, tens and threes.

Place value: tens and ones

Some great resources to help children understand place value.

Number grids and squares

Activities using number grids and number squares up to 100 to fill in the missing numbers.

Other resources including counting on from larger numbers

Extension work for those really confident with counting.

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