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Addition Year 1 (aged 5-6)

Recall and use addition facts to 20. Add two 1-digit numbers. Add three small numbers.

Addition forms a major part of the work carried out in Year 1 and the progress made this year is vital for future success.
During the year children will be expected to:

•    understand and use the addition (+) and the equals (=) signs 

•    understand and use terms such as: more, sum, total and altogether

•    represent and use number bonds within 20 

•    add mentally two one-digit numbers (e.g. 4 + 7)

•    understand that adding zero leaves a number unchanged (e.g. 6 + 0 = 6)

•    add a one digit number to a two-digit number with totals up to 20. (e.g. 12 + 3)

•    add three small numbers (e.g. 2 + 3 + 4 =)
•    solve one-step problems that involve addition using concrete objects 

•    solve one-step problems that involve addition using pictorial representations 

•    solve missing number problems such as 3 + ? = 7. 

The rapid development of knowledge, started in Reception, will continue in Year 1. Most children will need to use concrete objects (cubes, counters etc) to begin with, followed by pictorial representations (including number lines, bar modelling etc.) 
By the end of the year children will be making real progress with knowing, off by heart, all addition facts for each number totalling up to 20 (e.g. know that 9 + 5 = 14). They should also understand the effect of adding zero. Knowing these facts off by heart is absolutely crucial.
We have a great selection of colourful addition activities to help with all of the above, including using pictorial representations, bar modelling, number lines and number grids before moving on to the abstract.
With approximately 200 bright and lively addition worksheets with answers, URBrainy is just the place to go to gain confidence and learn these important facts. As a real bonus why not use our superb addition games which provide unlimited practice , re-inforce learning and are a fun change from pencil and paper maths.

Begin to add numbers up to 20

Begin by using graphics to help with understanding addition. Moving on to using the add sign and simple addition statements.

Making ten and adding ten

It's all about 10. Plenty of practice with making ten and adding ten to a number.

Addition with number lines

Using number lines to help with early addition.

Bar modelling for addition

Many schools are now using bar modelling as an intermediate step between addition using objects and the abstract addition sentence.

Part whole models for addition

Use part whole models top help with sorting and adding 3 small numbers.

Fast mental addition of small numbers

Practice pages and tips to help with adding mentally quickly and correctly.

Adding three small numbers

Adding three numbers can be done in any order, to make it as easy as possible mentally.

More addition games and activities

Fun addition games which really help with improving addition skills, plus some addition with larger numbers and ‘intelligent practice’ for the more able.

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