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Subtraction in Year 1 (age 5-6)

Great selection of worksheets encouraging understanding and a rapid recall of subtraction facts.

A key feature of Maths in Year 1 is to understand the process of subtraction and to have a rapid recall of subtraction facts with small numbers. The best way to achieve this is by practising on a regular basis. If this is mastered in Year 1 then children should have no problems with subtraction later when numbers get larger.

Many people find subtraction much harder than addition, but in reality we can solve many subtraction problems by adding, or counting on, and this is one of the ways young children learn to subtract.

Knowing addition facts will allow children to work out subtractions (eg if 5 + 3 = 8, then 8 - 5 = 3).

We have a great selection of bright and cheerful subtraction pages for Year 1. These include subtraction with numbers in the teens, more quick answer ‘Brainwhizz’ pages and using subtraction grids.

Introducing subtraction

Introducing subtraction using small numbers and vocabulary such as ‘take away’, ‘how many are left?’ and the subtraction sign.

Counting back and subtraction with a number line

Number lines are a great resource to help with subtraction. Children can 'hop back' along the line, counting back aloud as they go.

Bar modelling for subtraction

Many schools are now using bar modelling as an intermediate step between subtraction using objects and the abstract subtraction sentence (e.g. 6 – 2 =).

Fast mental subtraction of small numbers

Practice pages and tips to help with subtracting mentally quickly and correctly. The ultimate aim is that children will know simple subtraction facts 'off by heart'.

More subtraction activities

Activities which really help with improving subtraction skills, plus some subtraction with larger numbers and ‘intelligent practice’ for the more able.

Mixed addition and subtraction

A selection of resources using both addition and subtraction on the same page.

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