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Subtraction Maths Games for Year 2 (age 6-7)

Subtraction activities for iPad or PC.

On-screen activities for Year 2 subtraction using iPad or PC.

If you are looking for unlimited subtraction practice for children in Year 2 then you are at the right place. These bright and lively on-screen activities really help children recall and use subtraction facts to 20 and beyond. Familiar classroom aids such as bar models, number lines and base 10 blocks will give children the confidence to succeed. Printable marked answer sheets are always available.

Recall subtraction facts to 20

Recall subtraction facts, taking a single digit from a 2-digit number up to 20, including a timed challenge.

Finding ten less than

Using mental skills to find ten less than 2-digit numbers.

Subtract multiples of 10

Subtract multiples of 10 with numbers up to 100.

Subtract multiples of 10 from any 2-digit number

Subtract multiples of 10 from any 2-digit number.

Subtract from multiples of 10

Subtract a single digit from a multiple of ten.

Using the vocabulary of subtraction

Recognising terms such as subtract, take from etc.

Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number

Subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number

Subtracting not crossing the tens

Using mental skills to subtract from a 2-digit number, not crossing the tens.

Subtract 9, 19, 11 and 21

Subtract 9, 19, 11 and 21 from 2-digit numbers using mental strategies

Subtraction activities for PC using Flash

The Flash Player is needed to view and play these on-screen activities.

Revise Subtraction (Flash Player needed)

Before leaping on ahead it is always wise to be certain that earlier work has been thoroughly understood. These pages are a good check to ensure children understand the vocabulary used for subtraction, whilst working with small numbers. The activities all use number lines to help with counting back.

Know Subtraction Facts (Flash Player needed)

At the same time as addition facts such as 5 + 4 = 9 are being learned ‘off by heart’, then the corresponding subtraction facts can also be learned (eg 9 – 5 = 4). Knowing these subtraction facts really speeds up children’s calculating and the best time to learn them is now!

Subtraction Strategies (Flash Player needed)

There are lots of tips and strategies that can be used to help with mental subtraction of numbers, including subtracting by 9 or 11 by taking away 10 and adjusting, as well as knowing that subtraction is the inverse of addition. These activities will all help with gaining confidence and speeding up calculations.

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