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Addition Maths Games for Year 2 (age 6-7)

Addition activities for iPad or PC.

Year 2 addition on-screen activities for iPad or PC.

Don’t forget marked printouts are available at the end of every set showing all answers recorded.

Revise addition up to 20

These on-screen activities really help children recall and use addition facts to 20. We begin with adding up to 20 with the help of bar models, number lines and part-whole models.

Using the vocabulary of addition

Understanding terms such as 'plus' and 'add to' with numbers up to 20.

Completing addition sentences

Find the missing number in these addition statements.

Using part-whole models

Using part-whole models to help with addition.

Add three numbers

Strategies for adding three small numbers, including looking for pairs that make 10.

Add whole tens

Adding multiples of 10, with the help of bar models, number lines and a speed challenge.

Adding 9, 19, 11 and 21

Using mental strategies to add 9 or 19, 11 or 21 to 2-digit numbers.

Pairs of numbers that make 100

Practice pages and activities for children to recognise and know pairs of numbers that make 100.

Finding pairs: a memory test

Finding pairs of numbers, a mixture of addition, memory and good luck. Have a go!

Add to a multiple of 10

Add 2-digit numbers to multiples f 10.

Adding to a multiple of 100

Adding single digits to a multiple of 100.

Addition activities for PC using Flash

The Flash Player is needed to view and play these on-screen activities.

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