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Number and Place Value for Year 6 (age 10-11)

Understanding number, including place value, decimal fractions and negative numbers.

A child who achieves what is expected by the end of Year 6 will have an excellent knowledge of number. Negative numbers will be used in a variety of situations, including co-ordinates. Decimal fractions are extended to thousands and children will be expected to round decimals with up to three decimal places. Terms such as simplifying fractions, cancelling common factors, percentages and ratio will all be used with confidence.

Very large numbers

Reading, writing and ordering numbers up to millions.

Place value and decimals

Working with decimals, including thousandths.

Estimating and rounding

Estimating numbers and rounding large numbers.

Negative numbers

Working with negative numbers including counting on and back through zero.

Order of operations

Understanding the order of operations, including the use of brackets.

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