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Block 2: Fractions Year 1 for Summer Term

Resources to help with the fractions block of the Maths Mastery Programme.
Fractions in Year 1 is limited to understanding halves and quarters. At first children will explore shapes, dividing them into two equal parts and then moving on to small quantities or sets of objects. Plenty of practical work needed here. Quarters are also introduced, again mainly in a practical way, sharing sets of objects into 4 equal parts, colouring a quarter of shapes etc. We have included some great sets of worksheets giving children plenty of practice working with halves and quarters as well as later moving on to counting in halves.

Maths Mastery: on-screen activities for fractions

On-screen activities for fractions, including step-by-step tutorials.

Maths Mastery: fractions worksheets

Worksheets for fractions in Year 1.

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