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Subtraction Maths Games for Year 1 (age 5-6)

Subtraction activities for iPad or PC.

Welcome to our on-screen subtraction activities for iPad or PC.

These activities can really help children master subtraction in Year 1. Instant rewards for correct answers plus printable marked answer sheets make short term assessment easy. There are pictorial representations, bar models and number lines to give support where needed.

Subtracting small numbers

Unlimited practice for subtracting small numbers with images, bar models and number lines to help where necessary.

Subtract small numbers (One minute challenge)

No help here; just one minute to answer correctly as many questions as you can. Certificates awarded for high scores.

Subtracting from 10

Subtracting from 10 is an important skill and with practice children should know the answers 'off by heart'. Images, bar models and number lines are available to help children gain confidence.

Knowing the vocabulary of subtraction

Understanding and using terms such as 'subtract' and 'subtract from'.

Knowing the vocabulary of subtraction (One minute challenge)

How quickly can you answer these single digit subtraction questions. Pretty quickly, I hope!

Subtracting from larger numbers, not crossing the tens

Pictorial representations, bar models and number lines can all help children understand subtracting a single digit from a 2-digit number. With all of these the numbers do not cross the tens boundary.

Subtract from a 2-digit number crossing the tens

Subtracting from a 2-digit number up to 20 crossing the tens boundary.

Subtracting larger numbers (One minute challenge)

Just about as hard as it gets in Year 1. Rapid answers needed for high scores, with gold, silver or bronze certificates available.

Subtraction activities for PC using Flash

You will need the Flash Player to view and use all the following activities for Year 1 Subtraction.

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