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Addition Maths Games for Year 1 (age 5-6)

Addition activities for iPad or PC.

Our on-screen activities can really help children master Year 1 addition. All activities use colourful lively displays requiring children to input answers on the screen. Printable marked answer sheets are available at the end of each set together with on-screen rewards for all correct answers.

Adding up to 10

These activities are ideal for giving children practice with adding up to a total of 10. There are pictorial representations, bar models and number lines to give support where needed.

Pairs of numbers that make 10

Knowing all the pairs of whole numbers that make 10 is an important target. Here we have unlimited practice using images, bar models and number lines to help.

Finding pairs: memory challenge

Not only must counting be accurate but remembering where the numbers are is crucial to getting a good score. Certificates available for the fewest clicks.

Adding three small numbers

Adding 3 small numbers with pictorial representations, bar models and number lines, as well as with no help.

Addition up to 10 (One minute challenge)

Do you know pairs of numbers that make ten, off by heart? If you do, a high score is possible with these challenges. Just one minute to answer as many addition questions as possible. Certificates available for high scores.

Knowing the vocabulary of addition

Knowing the vocabulary of addition is a crucial part of learning in Year 1. We have unlimited practice using terms such as ‘add’, ‘add to’, ‘plus’, ‘total’, ‘sum’ and 'how many more?'. Images, bar models and number lines provide further support with adding small numbers.

Knowing the vocabulary of addition (One minute challenge)

If you know the vocabulary of addition you could score very highly on these one minute challenges.

Adding above 10

On-screen activities to help with adding numbers with totals up to 20. Pictures, bar models and number lines are used to provide support

Adding above 10 (One minute challenge)

If you scored well on the 'Adding above 10' worksheets then now is the time for a one minute challenge.

Know addition can be done in any order

This is important as it is usually easier to start with the larger number when adding two numbers together. It becomes even more important when adding three or more numbers to look for pairs that make ten.

Addition activities for PC using Flash

You will need the Flash Player to view and use all the following activities for Year 1 Addition.

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