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Special Occasions

Worksheets for special events such as bonfire night, new year etc.

Our Special Occasions category has some great worksheets linked to different events during the year, including several events in the near future.

For very young children we have a set of pages on using the word, ‘bigger’, as well as counting and matching.

When it comes to autumn why not try our Halloween Number Problems worksheets? Put a number through the x4 and +5 cauldrons to see what comes out. There are also some tricky missing digits questions. These are suitable for year 3 onwards.

Partitioning 3-digit numbers in different ways is a very important part of the new maths curriculum and is included here with an amusing witches’ cauldron theme.

The ‘Maths Spells’ worksheet is great for practising multiplication and addition with a Halloween theme.

Much trickier is our ‘four ghosts’ problem. Using just four fours and the usual mix of signs, what numbers can be made? A good investigation for older children.

Finally we have something slightly different which can be found in our English , ‘Further Resources’, ‘Special Occasions’ category. We have a worksheet which looks at the vocabulary connected to Halloween with fun activities and a word list to help with story writing. Also, brand new, is a worksheet on the famous three witches spell found in Macbeth. Nothing to do with Halloween as such, but a great starter for writing spells etc. Look out for more in this category in the futur

Pancake Day provides the perfect opportunity to combine some cooking with some maths. Our Pancake Day worksheets can also be found in the Maths, Special Occasions category and includes a worksheet looking at finding the correct order when making pancakes – not as easy as it sounds! Also there are pages on the ingredients needed to make pancakes, which asks some pretty tricky questions involving ratio.

Pancake Day is usually known as Shrove Tuesday and it is the last day before the period known as Lent in the Christian calendar. It is on the 4th March this year. The idea is that Shrove Tuesday is the last chance to use up foods that you are not allowed during Lent, a time of abstinence and giving things up.

Pancakes are eaten on this day because they contain butter, eggs and fat which are not allowed during Lent.

The first sets of fun Easter worksheets for younger children include counting two sets of objects, and counting in threes, both with an Easter egg theme.

Our Easter shopping worksheets have proved to be a particular favourite, including 5p off eggs and a £6 to spend investigation. Further sets of Easter shopping questions look at adding multiples of 10p, as well as finding the change from £2, as a combination of Easter chicks, bunnies and eggs are bought.

Continuing with the chocolate theme, bars of chocolate are a good way to explain simple fractions and pairs of fractions which add up to 1.

We complete our Easter collection with two sets of worksheets on position and co-ordinates. Children often have difficulty remembering which way round to write co-ordinates. For example (3, 4) means 3 along and 4 up. I used to remember it by saying ‘Along the corridor and up the stairs’ but there are lots of other mnemonics which can be used for this!

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