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Addition Maths Games for Year 3 (age 7-8)

On-screen activities are a great way to help with mentally adding larger numbers including multiples of 100 and 3-digit numbers.

All activities use colourful lively displays requiring children to input answers on the screen.

Timed activities are designed to see how many questions can be answered in one minute; with printable certificates available for good scores.

Add multiples of 100

Unlimited practice for adding multiples of 100. Bar charts or number lines can be used before moving on to no visual assistance and finally the one minute timed challenge.

Add a single digit to a 3-digit number

Activities to help with adding a single digit to a multiple of 100. Base ten blocks are a useful way of showing these numbers. Activities are of increasing difficulty: at first the tens are not crossed (e.g. 345 + 2), leading on to crossing the tens (345 + 7). Timed challenges are available once confidence is high.

Add a multiple of 10 to a 3-digit number

Begin by adding a multiple of 10 to a 3-digit number, not crossing the hundreds (eg 456 + 20). Bar models can help with this. Move on to crossing the hundreds (eg 456 + 70) again with the help of bar models before progressing to no help and the timed challenge.

Add 3-digit numbers not crossing boundaries

Adding two 3-digit numbers but without crossing the tens or hundreds boundaries.

Written addition

Find the missing digit using the formal written method of adding 2-digit numbers.

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