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Autumn Term 2

Selected resources for the econd half of the autumn term.

Week 7

We start this half term with understanding the importance of equivalent fractions and ordering fractions.

Week 8

Adding and subtracting fractions need plenty of practice and we devote a whole week to them.

Week 9

It's fractions again this week as we take a look at multiplying and dividing fractions.

Week 10

Understanding and converting decimals and fractions is this week's topic.

Week 11

A complete change this week as we take a look at co-ordinates in four quadrants.

Week 12

The KS2 SATs are not far away so we have started our revision programme with fractions; a popular topic for questions on the papers.

Week 13

We continue with KS2 SATs revision by looking at various aspects of number. All the pages here are very similar to those found on recent papers.

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