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Reasoning Paper: Calculations

Typical calculation questions for the KS2 Reasoning Paper. They are taken from across the whole range of calculating, from Year 3 through to Year 6.

Easier Questions (Y3)

Typical questions taken from the Year 3 Programme of Study, which should be easy marks to pick up.

Missing Digits and Problem Solving (Y4)

These are all similar to questions on past papers, taken from the Year 4 Programme of Study. Again, fairly easy marks to pick up as long as care is taken.

Multiplication and Problem Solving (Y5)

The questions taken from the Year 5 Programme of Study tend to be on multiplication, multiples, prime and square numbers.

Harder Multi-step Problems (Y6)

These are the hardest types of questions on the test, taken from the Year 6 Programme of Study.

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