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Year 1 Spring Term: Block 1 Number and Place Value

We return to Number and Place Value for two further weeks with similar activities to the first 4 weeks.

This time with numbers up to 20. The teen numbers can prove tricky to grasp so plenty of counting up to 20 is needed. An abacus is a good way to show how a 2-digit number is made up of tens and ones.

Ordering numbers in the teens will involve showing numbers in various ways: as numbers, in words and pictures/concrete objects.

Maths Mastery: on-screen activities for number

On-screen activities using numbers up to 20.

Maths mastery worksheets: count forwards and backwards to 20

Children will build on their knowledge to count up to 20 and understanding tens and ones.

Maths Mastery: order numbers

Compare and order numbers up to 20; identifying one more and one less.

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