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Year 1 Autumn Term: Block 1 Number and Place Value

If you are following a maths mastery programme we now have a superb range of material which we are sure you will find useful to supplement work done in school or to help at home. The first block of four weeks covers number and place value.

When first entering Year 1 children need to build on the skills and knowledge learned in Early Years to ensure that they are ready to make the next important steps, so we begin with something they should be familiar with: sorting into groups. Whilst we have plenty of examples the best way to do this is practically, sorting counters, fruit etc and asking how the objects have been sorted. The items sorted can be matched: are there enough saucers for the cups?

Children will develop their counting by counting forwards and backwards to and from 10 for which number lines are great. One more than and one less than are introduced as well as simple ordering of small numbers.

We also look at the idea of seeing numbers as positional, using first, second, third etc.

This work on number continues for the first four weeks.

If you are looking for more, don’t forget that we have much, much more in our Year 1 category.

Maths Mastery: on-screen number activities for year 1

On-screen maths activities suitable for iPad or PC covering counting to 10, finding one more than and one less than, using number lines, number tracks and part-whole models and estimating. Great for consolidation and same day intervention.

Maths Mastery: counting and sorting worksheets

Children should be given as many opportunities as possible to sort and count objects in a variety of ways and give reasons for their grouping.

Maths Mastery: comparing numbers

Finding one more and one less than a small number, comparing numbers including the terms greater than and equal to.

Maths Mastery: ordering numbers

Order groups of objects, numbers, ordinal numbers. Number lines and number tracks are really useful for ordering.

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