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Year 1 Phonic Screening Check

Past papers for Year 1 Phonics Screening Check

If your child is in year 1 then you may well have heard about the spelling assessment that will be carried out during June of this year. It is called the Phonic Screening Check Assessment.

This is certainly nothing to worry about as it is designed to see if children have the skills of phonic decoding of words up to a suitable level, which will then enable them to go on to be fluent readers.

If a child does not reach the expected level, then the school can give them extra help to get them up to this level and the screening test will be retaken in a year’s time.

Look out for made up words!

The 40 words that children will read will be made up of some real words and some ‘pseudo-words’ or made up words. The reason for using made up words is so that the assessment is purely on decoding using phonics. The made up words will be new to all children so the test will not favour those with a good vocabulary knowledge or a good visual memory of words.

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