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Word Lists: Look Say Cover Write Check

Spelling lists and 'Look, say, cover, write and check' worksheets.

Great news as we launch more of our English worksheets for the lower primary age range. 
Firstly, there are a set of word lists which can be used to help prepare children for the words they will encounter on the Letters and Sounds pages already published. There are nine or ten words in each list, each list having the same sound family, such as o (short ‘o’) for other, brother, mother etc. They can also be used as spelling lists; we recommend giving one list a week.
Secondly, we have taken each of these lists and have begun to create a Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check worksheet for them. This method can really help children learn to spell the words if they follow the procedure thoroughly:
1. Look at the word.
2. Say the word out loud, probably several times, looking closely at the letters in the word at the same time.
3. Cover the word. This can be done by folding the paper down the first fold line.
4. Write the word down in the next column, without looking back at the correct spelling.
5. Check the answer by unfolding the paper.
6. Repeat by folding the paper again and writing the word again.
Keep an eye out on the site as we will be publishing all the rest of these ‘Look. Say, Cover, Write, Check’ pages over the next couple of weeks.
Go to the Word Lists
Go to the ‘Look. Say, Cover, Write, Check’ pages.

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