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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to our weekly programme for Year 3. We have selected a set of worksheets for each day of the week from Monday to Friday. Because these are mainly made up of 3 or 4 pages they are ideal for an adult to go through the first page with the child before the child then tries a different page on their own. The topics are all matched to the current Maths Programme of Study as set out by the Government. We have tried hard to organise the topics in a similar way to most schools, but as each school has their own approach we cannot guarantee they match any particular school’s programme. Please note: our old weekly programme can still be found at the bottom of the page.

Week 1

Year 3 kicks off with understanding 3-digit numbers. Our on-screen activity, 'Using base 10 blocks', is a good way to reinforce place value.

Week 2

Partitioning hundreds, tens and ones and further counting make up the topics for week 2.

Week 3

Comparing and ordering up to 3-digit numbers. Digit cards are a useful resource for these activities.

Week 4

If solid foundations have been developed children should find the addition and subtraction of multiples of 10 and 100 fairly straightforward.

Week 5

More mental subtraction this week and don't forget the on-screen activity which gives unlimited practice.

Week 6

Speed and accuracy with addition is the target and we have plenty of practice this week.

Old Weekly Programme Weeks 1-6

Whilst we really like our brand new Weekly Programme many of our users still find our old programme an invaluable resource. Below are the first six weeks of the old Autumn Term Weekly Programme.

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