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Free Year 3 Maths Home Study Packs

The final sets of Home Study packs are now available for the last half term of the school year. Previously weekly packs have concentrated on just one topic at a time but this half term we have changed things around and have 5 different topics each week, repeating as the weeks go on. Plenty to look forward to and keep interest high!

These resources are available free for all accounts even trial and expired ones.
New users can Get a Free Trial and get free access to all the free home study packs.

Covering a wide range of topics these resources will give invaluable practice during this difficult time.

Home Study Pack 9

A collection of activities including written addition and problem solving.

Home Study Pack 10

Missing digits in addition calculations, writing money in pounds and pence, as well as money problems and a look at acute and obtuse angles.

Home Study Pack 11

More written addition and mental calculating where previous knowledge is a real help. Ordering money, properties of 3D shapes and a fun maths challenge complete the week.

Home Study Pack 12

More mental calculating and addition, plus finding change from £2, properties of 2D shapes and finding the missing value all makes for a lively week's work.

Home Study Pack 13

Our final Home Study Pack includes a great range of resources on calculating, money, shape and finding the cheapest days out.

Home Study Pack 14

Bonus pack including investigations, games and challenges.

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