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Year 2 Spring Term Block 1: Money

One of the most important aspects of primary maths, money, can be used to help with counting, addition and subtraction in a really practical way.

Children will count coins and notes (but not convert pounds and pence at this stage). There are plenty of opportunities for reasoning and problem solving during this fortnight: finding what can be bought and making totals using various coins. 

Finding change is an excellent way to illustrate subtraction, which can be done by adding on to the smaller amount.

This is a two week block but we have many more activities in our Money category in Year 2.

Maths Mastery: on-screen activities for money in Year 2

Maths Mastery: great activities for counting and comparing amounts of money and finding change.

Maths Mastery worksheets: counting money and solving problems.

Counting money using pence, notes and a combination. Making the same amount in different ways, finding change and one and two-step problems using money.

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