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Year 2 Autumn Term Block 1: Number and Place Value

We now have a superb range of material which we are sure you will find useful if you are looking for maths mastery ideas to supplement work done in school or to help at home. The first block of three weeks covers number and place value.

Children will be expected to build on their knowledge of number to count, read and write up to 100. Place value charts and bar models are an excellent way to help with this, especially with partitioning numbers.

Number lines are also really useful to help place numbers.

Comparing numbers is an important aspect of this block, along with using language such as bigger than/smaller than and the > and < signs.

Once counting in ones has been firmly established children will be asked to count in fives and tens.

Maths Mastery: on-screen number activities for year 2

Maths games suitable for iPad or PC covering counting to 100, using number lines and grids, part-whole models and base ten blocks. Great for consolidation and same day intervention.

Maths Mastery worksheets: counting

Reading and writing numbers up to 100, recognising tens and ones, estimating and placing numbers on a number line

Maths Mastery: comparing numbers

Comparing numbers using larger, smaller, more than and less than. Putting numbers in order. Counting in threes, fives and tens.

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