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Addition Maths Games for Year 4 (age 8-9)

Year 4 addition on-screen maths activities

Addition activities for iPad or PC.

Year 4 addition on-screen activities for iPad or PC.

Addition activities for PC using Flash

The Flash Player is needed to view and play these on-screen activities.

Know Addition Facts

Plenty of practice here at adding two 2-digit numbers, finding pairs of numbers that total 100, as well as adding three small amounts of money. Don't forget the Help button if you are having problems.

Addition Strategies

Use all the strategies you have learnt to add multiples of 10, 100 and 1000. It is really useful to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Written addition

Here we have various stages of written addition that eventually lead to the standard written method. The standard method is shown for adding two 2-digit numbers and adding two 3-digit numbers. Great for practice before using pencil and paper.

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