3D Shape Worksheets

Working with 3D shapes is a really fun part of mathematics, but the concepts and vocabulary quickly become tricky. From Reception through to Year 6 we have a comprehensive selection of great worksheets on 3D shape.

Reception and Year 1

In Reception and Year 1 most of the work is practical, with children building large 3D models using packets, tins, straws, card etc. Developing vocabulary is crucial here, as they begin to identify common shapes such as cubes and cones.

Reception 3D Shape Worksheets Year 1 3D Shape Worksheets

Year 2

Many shapes can be made from cubes and year 2 children enjoy exploring what shapes can be made with a small number of cubes. Understanding that placing a shape in a different position or orientation does not change its properties can be hard to grasp, but this knowledge helps children to identify 3D shapes from pictures and drawings.

Year 2 3D Shape Worksheets

Year 3

By Year 3 children will be using mathematical language to describe the properties of 3D shapes, including cuboid, rectangular prism, vertices etc. They will continue to make shapes with increasing accuracy.

Year 3 3D Shape Worksheets

Year 4

Making nets of 3D shapes can be great fun, but requires accuracy and skill and is suitable for year 4 onwards. Spotting whether a net will actually make the shape can prove difficult!

Year 4 3D Shape Worksheets

Year 5

In Year 5 children will become familiar with classifying groups of 3D shapes according to the number of faces, edges and vertices and some complex vocabulary is developed. (Dodecahedron is a favourite!)

Year 5 3D Shape Worksheets

Year 6

By year 6 children should be able to describe the properties of 3D shapes and refer in their descriptions to perpendicular and parallel faces and edges. Of course much of this work is linked to work on 2D shapes, symmetry, position and direction. You’d be surprised how much fun even Year 6 children can get from making a 1 cubic metre frame and just how much they enjoy sitting in it!

Year 6 3D Shape Worksheets