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Words and Sentences

Expanding sentences and improving writing skills. 

The new primary curriculum lays a much greater emphasis on grammar. So far we have concentrated on specific terms such as noun, verb and adverb, but these sets of worksheets takes this a step further by looking at word classes. In these worksheets children will be recognising and using nouns, verbs and adjectives within the same sentence.

Developing sentence writing

Types of sentence and improving short sentences. (Year 3/4)

Extending sentences

Extending sentences and joining short sentences. (Year 3/4)


Developing writing with the use of questions. (Year 4 on)

Passive and active voice

Understanding passive and active sentences (Year 6)

Word classes/types of word

Further work on word classes in sentences. (Year 3/4 on) See more in the Grammar category.

Direct and indirect speech

Recognising direct and indirect speech and rewriting sentences from one to the other. (Year 5 on)

Standard English

Activities to help distinguish between formal and informal language and the standard and non-standard forms of English. (Year 6)


Exercises on determiners: words that go before a noun or noun phrase. These include articles such as ‘a’, ‘an’ and ‘the’, as well as demonstrative determiners.

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