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Free Upper Primary English Home Study Packs

We have created these great packs of resources for Upper Primary English for you to use at home.

They are available completely free for all accounts even trial and expired ones.

These packs have material taken from our spelling, grammar, story writing and comprehensions categories. We suggest one a day for 5 days a week.

These resources are available free for all accounts, even expired ones.
New users can Get a Free Trial and get free access to all the free home study packs.

Home Pack 9

Activities using the word lists, quotation marks, conjunctions and more for this week.

Home Pack 10

More on the years 5/6 word lists, quotation marks, conjunctions and writing about holiday food.

Home Study Pack 11

Postcard writing continues our holiday them plus more grammar activities including direct and indirect speech.

Home Study Pack 12

Apostrophes and plurals, conjunctions to express cause and indirect speech are all tricky subjects, so we finish the week with writing on the worst holiday ever!

Home Study Pack 13

A final week of spelling, grammar and writing.

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